City of Anott

What would happen if a city didn’t expand outwards, but upwards? What would the inhabitants do about safety, and how would society be shaped? City of Anott is a small exploratory game in which you slowly uncover different aspects of life in a vertical city. As one of the city’s mailmen, you traverse upwards, meeting people and delivering their mail, and in turn hearing what they have to say.

As the project’s programmer, I programmed the behavior of every element so the level designer could build levels without scripting. I also developed a simple dialogue system that allowed the narrative designer to place NPCs and write their dialogue directly in Unity. I also contributed to discussions regarding world design, creating the setting together with the rest of the team.

  • Created and scripted elements for the level designer to use
  • Programmed NPC behavior and a dialogue system for the narrative designer to use inside Unity
  • Weighed in on world design matters to create the setting

Additional credits

Emil Kromann Kristiansen – Narrative design
Steffen Kjærgaard Nielsen – Level and narrative design
Sissel Angela Ringvad – Level design and sound
Lina Katrine Zerahn – Art


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