B♮ (Be Natural)

What happens if you replace the randomness of RPG combat with a rhythm game? B♮ is an Android game in which you fight monsters with the power of music! How effective your attacks are depends on how well you perform during the rhythm minigames, and you’ll need strategy to lead your band to victory!

In B♮ I performed as both lead designer and programmer. In concert with the systems designer, I developed the combat system, including the rhythm minigame, the structure of combat, and the actions available for each of the playable characters. As a programmer, I programmed most of the combat elements, from the underlying RPG mechanics to the rhythm mechanics and the coordination with the music.

  • Developed the original concept and designed all high-level systems
  • Programmed the core combat loop
  • Created custom beatmaps to fit the gameplay to the music

Additional credits

Denis Apetrii – Programming
Malte Mulbjerg Rothgardt – Combat design
Marie-Louise Alexius Sørensen – Narrative design, Project management
Lina Katrine Zerahn – Art
Mathias Larsen Löfvall – Music


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