We made the dumbest game of tag we could think of! Player 1 is WASD, player 2 is arrow keys. Move around and tag as many people as you can before the other player does!

For Level One: Jam! 2019, I decided that I wanted to try out something I had never done before. And so, I decided to take responsibility for the art and sound of the game. The simplistic core loop (tagging as many people as possible to make a bigger group than the opponent) paired really well with a very simplistic art style and a silly-sounding soundtrack, with handmade sound effects as well!

  • Designed and drew all the graphical elements of the game
  • Composed, recorded and mixed the soundtrack all of it is my voice!
  • Made a portable recording kit to go around the jam area, recording people cheering to add their cheers to the win screen 

Additional credits

Chris Carvelli – Programming
Lars Zilmer – Programming
Jayden Hanly – Design and effects


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