Kingdom of Ga'lush

The Kingdom of Ga’lush is going through complicated times. A food shortage is making the people desperate, but the Queen seems to not pay any mind, throwing lavish parties and living in the lap of luxury. You have been appointed Agent of the Kingdom, and tasked with the mission to investigate the rumors of revolution, and prevent the country from falling into disarray.

For Level One: Jam! 2020, we had an ambitious plan (which, of course, ended up getting cut and hacked through until we got something that could actually be made in 48 hours). We wanted to make a conversation-based RPG that the player could replay, drawing different quests on each of their playthroughs, and experiencing how their actions affect each of the concurrent storylines.

  • Designed a branching, non-linear storyline that can be explored at the player’s pace
  • Created the characters and wrote all the dialogue
  • Used the project to learn Yarn Spinner from scratch

Additional credits

Chris Carvelli – Programming


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