Genotype is an action, combat and exploration VR game released for the Meta Quest 2. In it, you explore an Antarctic research base overrun by monstrous beasts, wielding high-tech gloves that print living organisms you can use as weapons and survival tools. You play as Evely, an intern at an Antarctic weather station. During a routine expedition, Evely falls through the ice into the mysterious Snowdrop Initiative laboratories. Luckily, the facility’s last human survivor, William, can guide her to save herself — and the entire planet.

I played multiple roles in the development of Genotype, the chief one being project manager. Throughout the 18-month development, I created and maintained the systems that the team used in order to track, manage and update design documentation, as well as the task-tracking system that we used throughout development, and the external bug-tracking system that we used during our open beta test to allow our external testers to report bugs while making sure that any reports that reached the development team were clear and actionable. In addition to planning the development, leading all meetings and keeping the team aware of requirements and deadlines, I was also the main point of contact with the publisher, as well as with the story writing and voice acting freelancers that we worked with.

As game designer, I developed the game’s systems at the start of the project, focusing more on level design and progression as the project developed. Throughout the development, I focused especially on user experience, managing how and when information was presented to the player in order to make it as effective as possible.

I also directed the voice acting for the game’s six characters, working closely with the voice actors and providing real-time feedback to make sure that their deliveries supported both the narrative and the gameplay, which necessitated a thorough understanding of the intended player experience at every moment of the game.

  • Created and maintained information management and task-tracking systems for the team to use throughout the 18-month development process
  • Acted as a single point of contact between the development team and any external collaborators, such as voice actors, publishers and external QA
  • Worked closely with the marketing team to make communications as accurate and clear as possible, mirroring the work I did on player experience and communication in-game
  • Directed the voice acting of every character, and voice-acted one of the characters myself

Additional credits

Made by Bolverk Games.


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