Heartfelt is an isometric puzzle game in which you interact with the environment by using your weakest point. In order to navigate through the levels, you throw Alex’s heart to activate pressure plates, open doors or lure enemies into traps. However, once it falls to the ground it becomes vulnerable, and you must find a way to retrieve it before the enemies do too much damage to it.

As game director, I led the development of the game from first concept to final product. I gathered ideas from the team and consolidated them into a single, coherent whole; and then communicated them to the rest of the team to keep everyone on the same page. I worked with the game designer, the lead artist and the sound designer to help the different disciplines support each other and improve consistency in tone and themes throughout all aspects of the game. I also took on other process-oriented tasks, like redesigning the way that information about gameplay features was shared internally, and pitching the game to industry experts to improve the final product with their feedback.

  • Communicated with the art, sound, programming and design teams to coordinate the artistic vision
  • Weighed in on game design, art and sound considerations
  • Reworked the game concept as development continued to reflect changing goals
  • Designed and wrote the complete narrative

Additional credits

Made by Overscoped Productions – a DADIU production 2018


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