I've Attached My CV And Cover Letter

God has cursed me for my hubris, and my work is never finished.

For Global Game Jam 2020, I decided to use an ideaI had had earlier. Inspired by my own job search, I decided to make a game about the experience of writing cover letters and rewriting them over and over to target them to each job application. I took the chance to learn Twine: I had never used it before, and in addition to finding out how it worked for the first time I stretched it to do a few things it wasn’t exactly built to do.

  • Developed the original concept, wrote the script and coded the entire gameĀ 
  • Used the project to learn Twine
  • “This is so relatable. I’m getting anxiety just from looking at it.”


  • RELEASE DATE: Feb 02 2020
  • JAM: Global Game Jam 2020
  • MY ROLE: Sole Developer
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